Cooking is something I have enjoyed doing since the ripe old age of 11.  Over time my enjoyment has gone from simply dishing up meals and snacks, to creating many foods from scratch.  I’m talking about cooking experiments to create homemade jams, chutneys, breads, spice mixes, yoghurt, ice cream and so much more.

Learning how to make and replace store bought, processed foods is a lot of fun.  And while it may take a little time (which is why so many people don’t bother), today, there are so many modern appliances and machines that make the job faster and easier.

The Cooking Sauce is a ‘source’ of inspiration for those who like to experiment with home made food and ingredients.  Rather than just grabbing a packet or ready made product out of the pantry, here we are starting with single ingredients as much as possible.

Why bother with cooking from scratch?  Because not only is it a fun and challenging thing to do, it gives you complete control over what you cook and eat.  No foreign chemicals or ingredients in sight.  Just ingredients you know, flavors you like and results that will make you smile.

An important part of our process here at The Cooking Sauce is to maximize the use of equipment and tools that make it easier and faster to cook from scratch.  We will often make recommendations for products that we sometimes make a commission from.  But they are only products we know will truly deliver results and make life in the kitchen even better.

Thanks for visiting, stay a while and enjoy.

Sam xx