Find The Best Masticating Juicer For You…Right Here!

Are you just starting your juicing journey to improve health and nutrition?

Or are you already hooked on juicing and looking to upgrade the quality of your juicing experience?

Either way, considering a masticating juicer is a smart decision.  The best masticating juicer won’t be the cheapest, but it will deliver the highest quality juice brimming with flavor and nutrients.

Here we’ll recommend a range of masticating juicers that vary in price, style, size, design and features.  Whether you are on a budget, looking for a juicer that can handle leafy greens or want to spend minimal time on food prep, you will find the best option here.

Let’s get juicing!

Criteria We Used for The Best Masticating Juicer

Easy To Clean

Any juicer that is difficult to clean will end up collecting dust.  A masticating juicer typically has quite a few parts so it is important these can be easily pulled apart and cleaned with minimum fuss.  A part of easy cleaning is having a pulp ejection bin that makes it easy to collect and remove the pulp.

Quality of Materials

The quality of materials used will impact how well the machine runs and lasts.  Masticating juicers can be made of plastic or stainless steel parts that will differ in their ability to cope with regular and long term use.  Metal parts are able to withstand daily use and will last longer.  But if you are a beginner juicer or won’t be working the juicer daily, then plastic will suffice.

Chute Size

Chute size is all about the amount of prep work required and how easy the juicer is to use.  A bigger chute means a lot less time is needed to cut up and prepare fruit and veg as even whole food can be added to the machine.


There are two main designs for masticating juicer – vertical and horizontal.  This criteria is important if you are looking to minimize bench space.  Another design consideration is portability and how easy it is to move the machine around if needed.


Warranty is a good indication of product quality and offers piece of mind when purchasing.  The longer the warranty, the longer the manufacturer expects the product to last.  There is often a separate warranty for the motor, which is the most expensive part of the juicer to fix.

Extra Features

While juicing is the primary purpose of selecting a masticating juicer, many of these machines have extra features that are a great bonus in the kitchen.  These features allow for extra foods to be prepared that can save time and money, while making the most of fresh ingredients.

Top 5 Picks for Masticating Juicers

#1 Omega Juicer NC800HDS: Best Overall

Omega Juicer NC800HDS

A reputable and popular juicer brand, Omega offers a high quality juicer that is real value for money.  The Omega Juicer NC800HDS is a horizontal design that can handle everything you throw in it with ease.

It comes with an industry leading 15 year warranty giving peace of mind that the machine will last for a long time.

A key feature is the adjustable end cap that can be used to tighten, or loosen, the squeeze (or pressure) on the produce as it juices.  This allows you much greater control over the juicing process ensuring you get every last drop out of all types of produce.

Setting 1 is for easy to juice produce like citrus and setting 5 for tougher ingredients like wheatgrass.  It takes a bit of playing around to get the feel for this feature, but is worth the effort.

The design is top class allowing for easy assembly and cleaning with the dry pulp separated from juice. There is no need to waste time on excessive cleaning so you can get on with your day.  Parts can be cleaned on the top shelf of the dishwasher, or simply rinsed under running water (what we normally do).

Although quite compact and lightweight (13lb), a sturdy top handle makes it easy to move the machine into storage and free up bench space.

If you are looking to do more than juicing, this is where this juicer really shines.  Labelled a ‘nutrition center’ you can become a rock star in the kitchen by whipping up a whole range of fresh, raw products like nut butters, nut milks, baby food and frozen desserts.


  • Adjustable end cap – maximizes juice yield for any type of fruit and vegetable.
  • Easily portable – sturdy built in handle makes it easy to move the juicer around.
  • Warranty – 15 year warranty on parts and performance, the best in the industry.
  • Multifunctional – easily make other fresh products.


  • Price – higher than other models but is a trade off for the benefits listed and warranty.

Who Is It Best For?

This model of masticating juicer is suited to anyone who juices daily or considers themselves a juicing fanatic.  Enjoy the highest quality juice as often as you like for years and years to come.

Plus, if you want to up your ‘nutrition’ game and prepare a range of fresh foods, this juicer is the best choice.

#2. Tribest Slowstar: Best Vertical Masticating Juicer

Tribest Slowstar Juicer

As the only duo-blade, double auger motor (all others are single augers), the Tribest Slowstar gives more juice and less pulp than most juicers.

The strong motor makes cutting through fibrous produce a breeze and it handles any produce with ease.  It also means that jamming (and the time to ‘unjam’) is minimized which can be a drawback with some masticating juicers.

But, juicing greens is one area the Omega (see above) does slightly better.  The Tribest Slowstar can still be used for juicing greens but it is best to alternate them with other fruit and veg to get the best results.

Be prepared to cut up your ingredients for this juicer as the chute is narrow.

The design includes a mixing chamber allowing juice to be mixed before dispensing through the spout.  Super convenient, this removes the need to stir your juice before drinking and stops drips when changing containers.

A mincing attachment is included turning the machine into a food homogenizer.  Salsas, baby food, frozen desserts, nut butters and other fresh, raw recipes can be prepared.


  • Powerful motor – maximum yield with less jamming and faster juicing time
  • Mixing chamber – juice is conveniently mixed before dispensing.
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Mincing attachment – increased functionality to make fresh, raw products.


  • Weight – is the heaviest of the juicers on the list.
  • Chute size – small chute means more time preparing produce.

Who Is It Best For?

The juicing enthusiast who is after a robust, powerful vertical juicer.  It takes up minimal space and can handle all juicing effortlessly.

#3. Koios Slow Juicer: Best On A Budget

Koios Slow Juicer

If you are looking to start juicing and don’t want to fork out big money just yet, the Koios Slow Juicer is the perfect balance of quality and pricing.  Offering a solidly built, horizontal unit, it produces high quality juice with maximum nutrients for under $100.

But the deal breaker with this juicer is its warranty – the best for a budget juicer.  Get on with juicing knowing the machine is backed by the manufacturer for many years to come.

Built from BPA free components, the machine is light and compact, taking up minimal bench space.  With 2 speed controls and a reverse function, it handled both soft and hard foods including fibrous fruit and veg like ginger.  Juicing greens can be done, but it isn’t the strength of this juicer.

Disassembly and clean up are fast – less than 2 minutes – with reassembly just as quick.  One drawback is the narrow chute which means all produce must be cut to size before juicing.  But on the whole, it is a super easy machine to use.


  • Weight – only 10 lb making it very portable and easy to store.
  • Value – under $100 with a 10 year warranty, this is great value.
  • Easy to use – quick assembly and clean up.
  • 2 speeds – gives some control based on softness/hardness of produce.


  • Chute size – a small chute size means more prep.
  • Run time – can’t be run for more than 20 minutes continuously.

Who Is It Best For?

This is the best machine for the budget conscious and/or juicing newbies.  If you want to get started with juicing, but don’t want to outlay big dollars before giving it a try, start with this juicer.

#4. Tiluxury Slow Masticating Juicer: Best Wide Chute

Tiluxury Slow Masticating Juicer

With a strong motor and slow speed, the Tiluxury juicer not only offers a wide chute, but makes the amount of juice delivered a priority.  Both of these features mean you can enjoy a highly nutritious juice with minimum oxidation that lasts longer when stored.

Made from food grade, high quality materials, the juicer has a vertical and clog-free juice flow design.  Assembly and disassembly are straightforward with parts clicking and inserting together easily.  We found this made clean up a breeze and it was all done in a few minutes.

The 3 inch (75mm) wide chute means that food preparation can be minimized with whole foods and larger pieces easily fed into the juicer.  But, a drawback is its limited ability with fibrous produce like ginger and celery.  These still need to be cut into small pieces so they don’t clog the machine.

Leafy greens also need to be handled the right way to get good results.  Alternating them with other produce is necessary to get the most juice from them.


  • Wide chute – not as much food preparation needed.
  • Cap on juice spout – this allows juice to be mixed before dispensing.
  • Two strainers – control the amount of pulp in your juice.
  • Warranty – 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts.


  • Fibrous produce – this still needs to be cut up and is something the machine can struggle with.
  • Juices only – no extra features mean this machine is for juicing only.

Who Is It Best For?

If you prefer to juice mostly whole fruits and vegetables and/or want minimal preparation, the Tiluxury juicer is best for you.

It is also ideal if you are juicing in larger volumes e.g. for a family as the time required will be greatly reduced.

#5. Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5000: Best for Leafy Greens

Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5000

This powerfully designed juicer operates with twin gears designed to mimic chewing…or masticating…to cut, crush and grind for trouble free juicing.  With unique and patented bio-ceramic magnetic technology, it is a superior juicer but does come at a higher price.

But if you are someone who is serious about maximizing juice from wheatgrass, leafy greens and tough fibrous produce, then this is the pick.

There is little this juicer can’t handle with a knob to adjust outlet pressure and optimize juicing.  Different produce requires different pressure and this ensures no jamming or clogging and no need to stop juicing.

With the high quality design comes a bigger footprint and the Tribest Greenstar Elite will take up more counter space.  At 27 lbs, it is also not something you want to move around a lot but the sturdy top handle does help with this.  Although its versatility to make fresh desserts and snacks warrants a permanent spot in the kitchen.


  • Design – high quality parts and powerful motor make this a ‘Rolls Royce’ juicer.
  • Juice quality – technology used ensures juice of the highest taste and quality you can get.
  • Warranty – 12 years
  • Multifunctional – attachments to prepare a range of fresh products.


  • Price – the most expensive on our list so not for everyone.
  • Cleaning – the screen can take a bit of cleaning and is best tackled straight away.

Who Is It Best For?

Anyone who juices a lot of wheatgrass, leafy greens or fibrous produce will benefit from spending a bit more for this juicer.  It will deliver the best quality, last a long time and be a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

Masticating versus Centrifugal Juicers

One of the most common questions when it comes to juicers is ‘what is the difference between a masticating and centrifugal juicer?’

These two types of juicers operate in very different ways so it is important to know exactly what a masticating juicer can deliver when considering your options.

Masticating juicers chew, grind and crush fruits and vegetables at a slow speed with no additional heat.  As a result, they are also called ‘slow‘ juicers and ‘cold press‘ juicers.  Operating at low speeds of 110 RPM or less with no heat means that oxidation is minimized and juices will store longer.  The process also ensures that most of the nutrients are extracted.  The end result is the high quality, nutrient rich juice that lasts from 48-72 hours.

Centrifugal Juicer Mesh Basket

In contrast, centrifugal juicers are fast (1000 RPM plus) and work by spinning the produce around while cutting and grinding it down. The centrifugal force pulls the juice from the pulp which is filtered into a separate container.  During this process oxygen becomes incorporated resulting in a foamy juice that quickly separates.  Because of oxidation, it is best to drink this juice straight away.

Apart from how they operate, some key differences between masticating and centrifugal juices include:

  • Price – masticating juicers are generally more expensive.
  • Chute size – most centrifugal juicers can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables making preparation quicker and juicing even faster.
  • Types of produce – centrifugal juicers are great with hard and soft produce, but struggle with leafy greens.  Masticating juicers are more superior in this aspect.
  • Noise – centrifugal juicers have fast moving parts which create a much higher noise level.  In contrast, masticating juicers are much quieter during operation.

What Is The Best Masticating Juicer For You?

If you are looking for the best masticating juicer that delivers top quality juice day in, day out, you can’t beat the Omega Juicer NC800-HDS.  Great value for money and backed by a 15 year warranty, you will be juicing…and whipping up other raw recipes for a long time to come.

When space is a consideration, but you still want a powerful, robust juicer, the best choice is the Tribest Slowstar.

If this is the beginning of your juicing journey or you are on a budget, the Koios Slow Juicer offers the perfect starting point.

For anyone who prefers minimal preparation and/or juicing larger volumes of fruit and vegetables, the wide chute Tiluxury is ideal.

And if your focus is maximizing the benefit of juicing leafy greens, go with the Tribest Greenstar Elite.

Samantha McArthur

Samantha is a busy Mum who loves to experiment with making lots of different foods from scratch. With the help of modern equipment and appliances, she can whip up all sorts of meals and food for her growing family.